The BYIC (Brethren Youth In Christ), is a community of young people and leaders from around North America who not only have faith roots in the Brethren Church but also have a passion and a desire to personally grow in their relationship with Christ. This is largely accomplished through local, regional, and national ministry efforts.

While we share similar faith expression with one another, our faith stories are vast and many. We are a people who are on a journey. This journey allows us the exciting opportunity to connect and interact with one another in ways that are both challenging and inspiring. As followers of Jesus, we strive to be active in living out our faith in practical ways to the world around us.

As part of the BYIC we have our local communities (churches and youth groups), spread across North America, yet we are all connected nationally to one another through various events. Most notable is the annual Engage Conference, held in the summer.

To be a part of the BYIC is to be a member of a family, and like any family we are best understood not by being viewed from the outside, but rather by joining in. Come get to know our family better, come experience the BYIC.


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Winter Lawson

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YAC - Youth Advisory Committee

YAC serves under the ministry of Brethren Leadership Development, led by staff coordinator, Ryan Smith.


YAC - What We Do

YAC exists to promote the engagement of Christ and youth culture within the Brethren Church; whose mission is the transformation of communities in the power of the Holy Spirit.

YAC - Goals

  • Coordinate and facilitate Engage Conference. 
  • National networking for churches, youth workers, and students through: Prayer, Vision, Resourcing, Training Opportunities, Open Communication, Relational Support  

YAC - Get Involved

If you would like to know more about YAC or would like to be considered for a volunteer position, contact us.