The Brethren Connection is a strategic partnership between the Brethren Church and Ashland University whose mission is to develop Brethren leaders for greater kingdom impact on the Ashland University Campus and through the ministry of The Brethren Church. The Brethren Connection is specifically geared for Sr. High school students and college students. Throughout the year various events and opportunities are made possible to students through the Brethren Connection. For more information about the Brethren Connection, contact Ryan Smith.


Internships - If you are interested in being a host site for an internship, or serving as an intern, take a few minutes to provide more information.

Regional Events - Throughout the year, Brethren Connection will work with key churches and camps within the denomination to host regional connection events.

Brethren Academy - High School students seeking to learn more about Christian leadership and ministry can attend this summer conference to explore Brethren heritage, ministry skills, and the joy of spiritual development.


Youth Advisors are the heart and sole of our local youth ministries. Whether paid or volunteer, part-time or full-time Youth Advisors play a huge role in the health and success of the BYIC. Because it can't be said enough, Thank You!

Thank you for giving of yourselves so that your students can encounter Jesus. Thank you for extending grace. Thank you for listening to and loving on the youth in your ministry. Thank you for sacrificing your time, family, home, food, personal space, and sleep for teenagers.

As is often the case, you give so much to teens, you neglect to care for yourselves. Because this is normal, a special ADVISORS ONLY FACEBOOK GROUP has been created. Think of it like the teacher's lounge. It's a safe place for you as an advisor to come hang out, vent, share, cry, ask for help, get ideas, & receive a bit of soul care for yourself. 


A great way to connect to local Brethren is to participate in the various regional Outdoor Ministry opportunities. A complete list of these offerings can be found by clicking the link below.